Key Features

Evolution just took a big leap forward


  • Total of 15 pounds of coffee beans in 3 dispensers
  • Total of 12 pounds of powder in 3 dispensers
  • 300-plus, 12oz cup capacity
  • 1 minute or less to brew up to 60 beverages
  • 1700 watts, 120 volts, 20 amps
  • 18-inch touch screen
  • 3 different cup sizes
  • 2-gallon water tank


  • Latest technology means lower maintenance
  • Telemetry capability
  • Remote monitoring
  • Interactive touch screen with video capability
  • Automatic cup detection
  • Brews beverages fast
  • Customization (recipes & images)


  • Designed for B to B, public spaces
  • Built for high daily consumption
  • Easy to use
  • Great selection of drinks to choose from
  • Brew a carafe in 3 min 10 sec
  • Accommodates cups from 6oz to 32oz
  • High clearance for mugs
  • Refill without opening the door
  • Low maintenance
  • Never run out of stock thanks to latest technology

Green solution

Increase employee satisfaction and decrease waste

Minimal coffee waste

  • Users make only as much as they need. No more throwing away old coffee.

No paper filter

  • Unique stainless steel microfilmer can make up to 15,000 cups of freshly brewed beverages.

No water waste

  • Energy-saving technology offers a green solution no matter what the cup size.

Our Selection

Brews up to 60 specialty beverages in less than 60 seconds

Reverse French Press Brewer

  • Gives you the best taste consistency no matter what cup size is selected (ex. a 12-ounce cup can brew 20 grams of coffee. No limitation of gram throws)
  • 78% of coffee consumed is regular black
  • RFP VKI brewer makes excellent LattĂ©, Cappuccino, CafĂ© Mocha & Mochaccino, which represent 85% of the speciality coffees ordered


Get Connected!

Telemetry lets you remotely access all the important data from your machines right from your desktop. Get a clear picture of profile consumption, live inventory, client purchasing, equipment details and technical logs. Conduct trials in real-time.

Troubleshoot equipment before the client even knows there is a problem!

Operating over an independent and secure LTE network, Telemetry uses the latest technology so you can maximize sales and reduce operating costs.

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